Aaron Jacobs was born in a small town outside of Berlin in the heart of winter, less than a year before his parents decided that the haunted backwoods of rural Maine held more appeal to them. He spent much of his free time there immeryosed in fiction, historical texts and mythological study. This naturally led him to enroll as an English Major at the University of Maine in Farmington, which in turn led him to abandoning it for a History Major with the reasoning that he didn’t ever want reading and deconstructing literature to feel like a job rather than an enjoyable hobby.

After graduating he spent some years traveling the US, settling for brief periods in Brooklyn and San Francisco before returning to Maine to pursue a career in medical payment processing with freelance writing as a side job. During this time he saw several short stories published in Weaponizer Magazine, both the digital and eventual print collection. He found a kindred spirit in fellow New England writer Chris Hickey and both teamed up to self-publish a short story compilation in the form of That Weird City.

Since then he had to put writing on the back burner to focus on copious amounts of overtime and side work to afford his long distance relationship and the travel costs thereof, which have all been very much worth it, resulted in whirlwind trips to Madrid, Toronto and his immigration to Sydney, Australia at the start of 2016. Since the move he has shifted focus back to writing with an emphasis on weird fiction and the intersection of horror, fantasy and sci-fi.

As of October 2016, he and Chris Hickey came together to publish a new anthology called The Shadow Box, and at some point he will actually create a list of books page instead of stuffing them all into the About section.