The Week So Far: A Triptych

Panel the First – Two Skeletons Collapsed At the Base of an Altar, Upon Which Rests a Kindle

51BmHrGNVKL.jpg The book is selling well. I know, this is obnoxious. I promise I’m only going to mention it a couple more times, it’s just that the first week is incredibly important to spike up there in terms of marketing and trying to rake in sales, and solidifying it in the Amazon search stuff. Some reviews are beginning to roll in and, unless they’re blowing smoke up our asses, they’re good. The themes are coming through to other people, that’s a big thing that I always worry about. So far it’s doing way better than the last book did in terms of ranking, and while I know ranking is mostly a vanity thing that doesn’t translate accurate sale rates, it still feels really nice to see something shoot from the four digits into the lower three digits practically overnight and then stay there for more than a day. Both Chris and I have really tried to stop being shy nerds and have done a lot more networking and research this time around, and I feel like it’s paying off. A big part of that is you guys who are sharing my blog posts(s) about it. I can see you, even if I don’t know who you are. It shows up under my tracking stats as no referring link, which usually means it’s being sent over messenger or e-mail. If you’re doing that, I give you sincere thanks. If you aren’t doing it, but you enjoy the words that come out of my fingers, consider doing it? Just this week, at least. Don’t make a continual pest out of yourself. I suspect sharing my posts constitutes a breach of the geneva convention.


Panel the Second – Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones Ascending to Heaven, With Shades

MEN-IN-BLACK.jpgI’ve started working again. Just temp stuff for now, it pays the bills, it gets me out of the house, it forces me to interact with other people. These are supposedly good things, but we’ll see. I’m okay with temp at the moment, it’s not something I’ve really worked before but it feels refreshing after holding down a single job long term, it’s letting me broaden my experience a bit and the networking potential is nice. Plus, it gives me a little flexibility and freedom to continue writing, which is how I’ve started outlining my Big Novel And/Or Series Story, which I will probably get into sometime soon. It’s also gotten me to break my work clothes out of hiding.

Can I be completely honest with you? As a teenager I thought suits were stuffy and dumb and overrated. I still think they’re a bit stuffy (ask me about wearing dark fabric in the Australian summer) and deeply rooted in some gross socioeconomic strata (fun fact, the tie was originally meant to show off that you didn’t work around hazardous machinery that maim or murder you if it caught on loose clothing), but at the same time? It’s kind of empowering and fun. It really changes how people treat you, which changes how you treat yourself. I essentially fool myself into being more mature when I wear it, and from a writer’s perspective it’s like creating a garment out of an unreliable narrator. It’s stiff and stylish and a little intimidating, but I can leave cracks in it to let the weirdness pop out. Bright socks or strange ties so that the attentive people understand that I’m just a weirdo underneath it all.

The Men in Black were completely right in how it’s the most important piece of equipment, even more so than any ray gun they were able to steal from an alien smuggler: it gives you the power to act authoritative and have people at least start to listen to you, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.


Panel the Third – Books Strewn Across A Smoldering Hellscape

514DLmSeGmL.jpgI’m playing mega catch-up on my reading list right now. I have some good stuff I want to review in the near future but the final burst to get all the final work for the anthology done, and then work and doubling up on Halloween stuff and you get the idea. I just finished up with Hammers on Bone during my commute yesterday and absolutely loved it. It’s a tightly paced and plotted little novella with some fascinating twists on what are completely archetypal cosmic horror tropes. It plays around with your expectations and nestles you securely in what seems by-the-numbers before upending that in ways I’m not going to spoil here. Besides that, it’s just a damn good detective story with a cool setting, and that’s all that I ask out of a book.

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