Hitting the Ground Running

Welcome, everyone, to my blog.

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for some time. My writing on traditional social media has grown from the kind of short updates seen as acceptable on the platform to more stream-of-thought rambles on everything from bizarre subgenres of heavy metal and reviews of the latest books I’ve found that one simply does not have time to read on Facebook or Google+. To say nothing about how those respective formats don’t really lend themselves to long form whatsoever, or embedded images and links, or anything else I like to include.

I intend to turn this site into a place to connect with other writers and readers, promote both my own writing and that of others, and see how long it takes my outspoken mannerisms to alienate swathes of my potential base.

I am currently a published author of short fiction, featured in the (sadly now on temporary hiatus) Weaponizer Magazine and in some self published stories featured in That Weird City, a collection I put out with my dear friend Chris Hickey some years ago. I aspire to write quite a bit more than that, but the intervening period has seen me with very little free time to indulge in what was a hobby.

This blog, this site, are a part of a larger effort to refocus my efforts on what I enjoy doing. I’m no longer working a job with extremely long hours in order to make ends meet and I have far more time at my fingertips. I have recently moved from the sleepy backwoods of Maine to the bustling Australian metropolis of Sydney to be with my long-suffering long distance fiancée, and being back in a city for the first time in half a decade had revitalized me. I’ve done more fiction writing in the last two months than I did in the year prior. That makes me very happy.

I’ll be updating this at least once a week, probably more. My mind tends to wander a lot and I’m sure the blog will follow suit. There will be periodic updates about my writing, hopefully links to some stories as they enter some form of publication, and whatever weird things I happen across in my research. I tend to stumble over a lot of neat historical tidbits while I’m fleshing out stories, be they fantasy, horror or science fiction. I consider it a major perk of the art form and I look forward to sharing it with those of you poor bastards who actually find me interesting.


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